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Unlock the complexities of technology while maximizing the potential of growth with these services from Enthink:


Planning Beyond Objectives and Goals

Strategic Planning

Technology is more than a tool. It’s a solution that brings your business strategy to life – allowing you to get, keep and grow relationships with your customers and partners. We work to understand the 10,000 foot view of your business strategy, your people, processes and technology and most importantly, your customers, ensuring that technology and strategy work together.
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Time is a luxury. Adequately planning the front end is critical to smooth and effective implementations, avoiding over-budget, behind-schedule projects. We work with you to understand three key requirements that are essential to your technology implementation – business needs, content and users. Our solutions balance these requirements and supports your business strategies.
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User Experience

Users are the heart of every technology solution. Each online action and interaction should create an engaging experience for your customers and users. Our solutions are built on the understanding of internal and external audiences needs and expectations to ensure that your CMS offers all users an exceptional CMS experience that feels personal and intimate.
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Creative Design

It’s your vision. We know how the design impacts your ability to do business, including page layouts, templates and transaction parts. Video placement, sliders, colors, scrolling script and font size impact the user experience, without them even realizing the magic behind it. All they see is a great experience. Creativity is what turns functional websites into engaging solutions.
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Building More Than Just Another Web Site

Content Management System

A CMS solution is more than managing content. It’s about using content to create an online experience that engages, inspires and supports your users. Our thinking looks at content as more than just the actual words but also images, video, graphics and commerce that creates a cohesive brand experience with streamlined processes that lead to successful business outcomes.
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Document Management

Your information is valuable. Document management requires a consistent system, predictable rules and easy access to your content. A key part of your content is how documents are organized and accessed within your CMS solutions. We offer solutions to organize and store your content assets and documents in a central, secure and searchable location.
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Asset Management

Solutions to manage your digital assets. It’s a digital world and behind every online experience is an interaction of multimedia and rich media content. We help you manage your digital assets from creation to consistent use and application of them within our site, delivering media across multiple channels from a single source to eliminate the risk of outdated assets.
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Web strategies are built on content. Creating content and getting content to the user is the key to a successful CMS solution. To do this quickly and efficiently, we define key workflows and processes to support collaboration, approvals and security at every step, working with you to simplify processes and minimize administrator involvement, lowering costs and speeding up delivery.
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Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a catalyst for business process transformation and innovation as it helps companies simplify work, collect valuable data and drive continuous improvement. Sometimes called a software robot, RPA technology mimics a human worker, logging into applications, entering data, calculating and completing tasks, and logging out.
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Enhancing The Value of Information

Mobile Solutions

We live in a world on the go. We can help you ensure that your content is relevant to your users and customers across all media channels. This ensures your customers have a consistent brand and online experience across all web and mobile channels, ensure your customers have high levels of engagement with your company any time, any place.
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Digital Marketing

A website is more than just a repository for information. It’s an interactive marketing and sales tool that can help you get, keep and grow relationships with your customers, employees and other stakeholders. The world of digital marketing is rapidly expanding and our team offers a range of expertise in building optimal digital marketing strategies within your CMS solution.
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Content is only as good as how easily it can be found. As the amount of information and content increases, search has become a defining factor of your site’s success. Content needs to be easily accessible and searchable. We provide tools that search any unstructured text, documents, presentations, PDF files and virtually any other online file.
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A personalized online experience drives results. We build key personalization tools into your CMS, your site can anticipate the content most interesting to your user and provide dynamic, personalized content. This type of predictive functionality ensures that your site is easy to navigate and delivers expected content in real time.
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