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At Enthink we believe there are solutions to make your organization’s knowledge work for your customers and users. We excel in finding solutions that bridge the complexities of technology with the expectations of the living, breathing person that uses it.

With Taxonomy Manager, you can unlock the power of your information by simply applying metadata from your taxonomies or other controlled vocabularies. Taxonomy Manager provides an easy and effective way to assign your content, allowing you to package your organization’s knowledge in a more consumable way.


Key benefits include the ability to map taxonomy to your content, manage your taxonomy, and easily integrate with your existing taxonomy. Support multiple taxonomies while maintaining a global taxonomy within a single project. This flexibility allows any area of your site to have its own unique taxonomy while maintaining global taxonomy governance.

Enthink’s Taxonomy Manager increases your ability to pre tag content while it increases speed of tagging content. It also removes the risk of Authors tagging content with unrelated or inappropriate values, thereby eliminating errors.

Create separate structural taxonomy to use for site structure and search. Develop unlimited levels of categories and keywords. And because there are no technical restrictions, Taxonomy Manager supports the most robust taxonomies. Attach SEO specific keywords to your taxonomy to ultimately impact how visitors find your site and make content more searchable.


With our extensive CMS and Information Architecture expertise, we also provide consulting and full range of development services around taxonomy related solutions. Deployment of a properly designed taxonomy has shown increases in the speed of assigning content by up to 900%.

Examples of how taxonomy can empower your implementation:

Taxonomy can be used to generate lists of links to pages or items which contain certain keywords. This helps administrators and authors by creating lists of related content (i.e. products/features) to ease and automate content organization.

Help your site visitors find what they are looking for by providing the ability to select what facets they want to see for a particular piece of content. Based on your keywords assigned to a particular page or piece of content, your customers can select or search on that keyword.


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