Easily add integrated web calendar views and listings

SmartCal is an exciting calendar tool that works in conjunction with the OpenText Web Site Management solution (formerly RedDot). Easily create interactive calendar views and listings with targeted information based on multiple calendar groupings, event-types, date ranges and more. Just like any other CMS content, these powerfully engaging calendars and listings can be effortlessly added to your existing pages. This makes SmartCal a compelling, brand-flexible toolset for managing and promoting events and other online content.


Multiple Calendar Views and Types

SmartCal provides multiple interactive calendar views (Sortable Listing, Calendar Widget and Full Planner). These views are completely customizable or you can easily implement your own using an open API. In addition, SmartCal supports single-day, multi-day and all-day events that allows users to link to pages or external sites. Simply define various event types, calendar-groupings and custom fields for powerful event organization and aggregation.


Empower Your Content Editors

SmartCal allows content editors to create events, listings and calendar-views with ease, enabling the creation of multiple listings or calendars per page, in various areas of the page. Creating events is as easy as creating content within your CMS.


Brand Flexibility and Compliance

Apply themes to calendar-views and listings and while controlling the size of each calendar view. SmartCal provides full template control over your event page display to ensure compliant HTML code and branding consistency.


Apply Content Governance to Your Calendar

With SmartCal you can easily apply existing or new authorizations and workflows to any SmartCal pages. Administrators are able to provide a range of content editor control by enabling or locking-down calendar and listing options. Events, listings and calendar-views support language variations in the same way as the rest of your content.


Powerful Delivery and Integration Options

SmartCal can be integrated with OpenText's DeliveryServer or can be deployed as a standalone .NET delivery module. Once events are published, SmartCal's service-based aggregation system can be accessed by any system or application, making external integrations a breeze.


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