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Workflow and Authorization

Web strategies are built on content.


Creating content and getting content to the user is the key to a successful CMS solution. To do this quickly and efficiently, We help define key workflows and processes to support collaboration, approvals and security at every step, working with you to simplify processes and minimize administrator involvement, lowering costs and speeding up delivery.

Knowing what content you need is not enough - you also need to know how you'll produce it. Gathering information, writing and editing, and defining editorial workflows and approvals are all part of a successful Content Management solution. 

Enthink solutions ensure the security and integrity of your content by developing processes to make sure only the right users access the right content.

Our solutions incorporate business process management to automate and manage processes, allowing users to assign due dates and determine decision points along your critical path while making decision-making materials readily available. 

With Enthink Workflow Manager, authors and editors can build or apply pre-built workflows and authorization packages to each page that is created in CMS. Workflow Manager is an easy way to deal with building and applying workflows and authorization packages without any administrative involvement.