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User Experience

Users are the heart of experience.

User Experience

Each online action and interaction should create an engaging experience for your customers and users. Enthink solutions are built on the understanding of the needs and expectations of both internal and external user audiences, to ensure that your CMS offers all users an exceptional experience. It’s essential to consider how content authors and contributors are able to integrate corporate knowledge into content that your users need and want. For your users, creating an experience that feels personal and intimate is a key driver of a successful CMS implementation.

Good user experience leads to:

  • Content that is well organized and easy to find
  • The ability to share information quickly and easily
  • Intuitive navigation that makes the online experience easy
  • An amazing online experience for all users

Enthink understands not just the technology solution, but also the needs and motivations of your users to create an exceptional online experience, every time.

User Experience Design (UX) is the primary tool used for organizing and designing complex information systems such as websites, in a way that allows people to find information quickly and easily. User Experience (UX) incorporates two facets:

  • Information Architecture (IA), is an important consideration in the development of your website. How information is structured, categorized, labelled and searched are key aspects of an exceptional user experience.
  • Interaction Design considers how users interact with all elements of your site – including the web interface, applications and any e-commerce elements. These elements go beyond navigation and architecture, looking at the quality of the experience and ease of use.