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Taking time is essential for success.


Taking time at the front end to adequately plan is critical to smooth and effective implementations, avoiding over-budget, behind-schedule projects. We work with you to understand three key requirements that are essential to your technology implementation – business needs, content and users. An Enthink solution balances these requirements and supports your business strategies.

Enthink understands your business strategies, users and content – creating technology solutions to meet business needs.

Business strategy
An Enthink strategy links your business strategies directly to the technology solution. Knowing your business strategies allows us to develop the most appropriate technology solution, offering best practices and innovative solutions.

User Experience
Understanding what your users need, how they think and how they behave is the most important part of your organization's CMS solution. This includes your external users – customers, suppliers and stakeholders – as well as your internal users such as content authors and contributors that are an integral piece of making the experience amazing at every technology touchpoint.

Content Strategy
Content is the heartbeat of your CMS solution and the primary reason users visit your site. We look at the content your users are looking for, as well as existing content, including images, branding and commerce. Content also needs to be considered in the context of how users will interact with your content. Mobile solutions are equally important to desktop, so it’s essential that your CMS solution delivers a personalized and engaging experience in all environments.