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Document Management

Your information is valuable.

Document Management

Document management requires a consistent system, predictable rules and easy access to your content. A key part of your content is how documents are organized and accessed within your CMS solutions. We offer solutions to organize and store your content assets and documents in a central, secure and searchable location.

Documents hold most of your vital corporate information. We make Document Management simple by giving you solutions to organize and store your valuable assets in a central, secure and searchable location with the power of collaboration and business process management. This solution also fulfills legal requirements to store and access documents for a defined period.

Enthink expertise ensures that processes are built into your CMS solution that support creation, collaboration and sharing of documents.

Document Collaboration
The ability to collaborate is the cornerstone of an Enthink CMS solution, allowing you to communicate and streamline efforts within your organization. Collaboration provides areas for topic-related discussions, and provides tools to capture and communicate feedback, keeping everyone in the loop. An Enthink solution can provide your organization a secure online environment to communicate and share information with anyone inside or outside your organization to contribute safely to any group effort.