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Translation Bridge

Translate content into any number of languages at once

The Translation Bridge is an OpenText Web Site Management solution (formerly RedDot) plug-in that allows an organization to manage the content translation process. This product queues content identified for translation and exports it on demand or through an automated scheduled process. Translators no longer need to be familiar with the CMS system and external translation sources are able to translate content using their own translation tools. Once translated, the content is easily imported back into the system and the translated pages are created.

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Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Lower your translation costs
  • Bulk export content to be translated
  • Have your Editors tag what languages the content should be translated to
  • Leverage translation memory
  • Perform scheduled or ad hoc translations
  • Complete a one step import of content including the automatic building of all pages
  • Eliminate translating page by page
  • Eliminate translating language by language
  • Archive textual content offline (out of CMS)
  • Simplify set up process by leveraging your existing taxonomy
  • Filter and sort content by language, creation date, title, etc.
  • Have flexible options for importing content including storing in draft, moving through workflow or for immediate release

Translation Bridge 1

Translation Bridge 2


  • November 13, 2012 Enthink's Translation Bridge 2.0 is Now Available

    Enthink is pleased to announce the release of our newest version of Translation Bridge. Focus of this release is to include more flexible language options, improved user interface, and features to allow for more ad-hoc translations.