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Foundation Suite for Sitecore

Realize the benefits of creating, managing, and optimizing your online customer experiences to build brand, drive demand and extend reach.

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One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of implementing a new content management system is the time investment needed to plan and resource effectively. Built on the solid and proven framework, the Enthink Foundation Suite for Sitecore is designed to eliminate those obstacles right from the start. This solution has been implemented with the Sitecore Helix principles in mind to help customers mitigate a lengthy implementation. It also makes it easy to get up and running and start reaping the benefits of creating, managing, and optimizing your online customer experiences to get, keep and grow relationships with your customers, partners, suppliers and employees.


Foundation Suite features:
Ensure your unique requirements are met by leveraging any combination of the Enthink Foundation Suite value-added services. These services can also be added at any time during the evolution of your project. Once up and running, you can continue to evolve and grow your digital strategy by building on the foundational Sitecore project and apply best practices passed on by experienced experts. Services include heuristic evaluation, third-party integration, personalization, user experience design, standardize and develop HTML, e-commerce, email and print experience management and more.

Do not sacrifice your ability to customize your experience. The Enthink Foundation Suite for Sitecore is a proven framework. It still allows developers to quickly and easily develop styles and components while authors to create content and designs. Thus avoiding delays and lags in the creation and ongoing management of your solution.

Save development time and money with the extensive library within Foundation Suite. To avoid problems, this solution is out-of-the-box ready and avoids the customary development problems associated with a new implementation. We think about how design impacts your ability to do business, including page layouts and templates. This is not a cookie cutter solution. It allows you to optimize the online experience through personalization of your content. The included components can be customized with your brand identity to support your company’s digital marketing initiatives. In addition, we have developed several focused and customizable vertical sites to aid getting your message online quicker and easier. These include B2B, health, financial, education, government, B2C, and more.

Enthink has developed proven methods to organize, create, capture and distribute knowledge to ensure its availability for your users. We train your team to utilize the Foundation Suite for Sitecore solution so that they can create a targeted online presence. Take advantage of this by deploying your site as is and focus on adding new features as needed. The framework is yours to take advantage of. Expand and create in ways you never thought possible.

Controlling your content is now a breeze. The improved experience manager supports multiple sites as well as child sites. The Enthink standalone product Taxonomy Manager will add structure and manage content through the direct relationship between the taxonomy and the eventual content tagging that will occur within the CMS. Unlock the power of your information simply by applying metadata from your taxonomies or other controlled vocabularies. By providing an easy and effective way to tag your content, Taxonomy Manager allows your organization’s knowledge to be packaged in a more consumable way. Map and manage your taxonomy as it is easily integrated with your existing taxonomy. Support multiple taxonomies while maintaining a global taxonomy within a single project, giving you the leverage to make your content usable on a whole new level.

Contact Enthink to find out more about the Enthink Foundation Suite at info@enthink.com.

Enthink Foundation Suite for Sitecore