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Enthink Launches Adobe Kickstart

January 16, 2016

Adobe and Enthink are committed to the success of our clients. To help guide your digital transformation and expedite the speed of deployment, Enthink is pleased to provide Adobe Experience Management (AEM) customers a Kickstart program - by getting your AEM project off the ground.

One of the biggest obstacle standing in the way of implementing a new content management system (CMS) is the time investment needed to plan and resource effectively. Enthink's KickStart is designed to eliminate those obstacles right from the start. KickStart is embraced by Adobe as helping customers mitigate a lengthy implementation and makes it easy to get up and running and start reaping the benefits of creating, managing, and optimizing your online customer experiences to build brand, drive demand and extend reach.

To find out more about how Enthink Kickstart can get you up and running quickly and smoothly, contact Enthink at info@enthink.com.