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Enthink's User Experience Design - Best Practices White Paper

June 16, 2012

There is nothing more frustrating for a web site user than trying to navigate a site that has engaging graphics, contemporary colors and compelling animation but no thought given to how people think and act when using your web site. The user is the heart of a web site and if your web site isn't easy to learn and easy to use, the user will abandon your site and look somewhere else.

Enthink's new White paper on User Experience Design, discusses tools and techniques of design as well the business value and benefits that can be gained. Whether or not you are looking to increase sales and revenues, increase productivity and improve efficiency, build a better brand or reduce training and support costs - all can be accomplished through a better User Experience Design.

The benefits of User Experience Design and the user-centered design process go beyond improving the user interface and user productivity. Read how the role of a user experience designer, practice areas and tools are translated into business benefits and value to your organization.

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