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Workflow Manager Streamlines Administrative Content Processes

July 02, 2009

Enthink has released its newest module, Workflow Manager, to complement its exciting and innovative solutions for companies seeking innovative web solutions.

To meet the growing demand of today's global marketplace, today's web strategies must find efficient ways of managing content, simplifying the cost and speeding up delivery, with minimal administrator involvement.

Many sites today deal with large numbers of workflow that may need to be applied to each page of a site. Workflow Manager is an easy way to deal with building and applying workflow at a page level without any administrative involvement. Using a simply intuitive interface you can build or apply built workflows to each page that is created in RedDot Content Management Systems (CMS).

"We see a lot of clients that have limited use, or no use at all, of workflows. In most cases it is because there is insufficient time or resources to design and build them", said Michael Martyn, President of Enthink. "This innovative new module gives that power back to the creator of the content, streamlining the administrative process." Workflow Manager is an exclusive Enthink solution.

If you would like more information about Workflow Manager please contact us at info@enthink.com