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Content, Brand, and Collaboration: Success Factors for Globalization

November 26, 2008

The web used to be a "nice to have" for companies who were considered to be on the leading edge of new technologies. In today's marketplace, having a web presence is a must-have. For companies who are looking to position themselves in the ever-expanding multinational marketplace, having an exceptional web presence is an absolute necessity. With over 200 million users daily and annual eCommerce sales estimated to exceed $3 trillion, the Internet offers endless opportunities for companies to grow their consumer base and increase sales.

Gilbane Group, RedDot - The Open Text Web Solutions Group and Enthink, a RedDot partner, have joined forces to help companies who are looking to expand their presence in the global marketplace. Using technology to promote technology, the partners have developed an innovative webinar called "Content, Brand and Collaboration: Success Factors for Globalization" to help corporations develop the foundational elements of web sites to support global business strategies.

Although it would appear at first blush that creating a global web presence should be as simple as hiring translation services for all the markets you sell your products to. But creating an effective global web strategy requires an ability to deliver the right content to the right user in a way that is culturally appropriate and meaningful. This requires foundational elements to support globalization efforts, such as: taxonomy, workflows and user-based content.

Gilbane Group, RedDot - The Open Text Web Solutions Group and Enthink offer an hour of insight about globalization, content management strategies and foundational web strategies to help organizations interested in expanding into the global marketplace. To get engaged in this informative webinar, visit http://gilbane.com/eventsblog/2008/07/webinar-foundations-for-global.html.

If you would like more information, please contact us at info@enthink.com.